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"Are you seriously making an equivalence between hunting animals and Nazis?"

Firstly, let me say I'm not an animal rights devotee and I eat meat. However.....

You seem to be missing the similarity between them. The Nazis killed people. Millions of them. However, what's the difference between a human being needlessly killed and an animal being needlessly killed. Both are sentient creatures, both are a product of nature and both feel pain, have thoughts, emotions etc.etc. Separating ourselves from animals is simply demonstrating our arrogance as a species. Man made makes no more sense than lion made, gorilla made or anything else. We're an animal just like all the rest. Maybe more evolved in some ways (some might argue less depending on what you're comparing), but that is all.

So, hunters who kill animals and then proceed to eat them etc. That's part of nature and we all need to eat. Fair enough. However, there are plenty of people who go out to kill animals simply for the 'fun' (however you want to identify that) of doing so. Maybe it's the challenge, maybe they get pleasure out of it.....I don't know. What's the difference between killing a bear and killing a human? Both are animals, both sentient, both have emotions etc.etc. So, what's the difference? Now, there are plenty of websites that encourage etc. the killing of animals for reasons other than food etc. So, what's the difference?

So, if we oppose people who are peddling hate against other people because of their colour or sexual preference or whatever, why should we not oppose people who are peddling hate against bears for being bears? I bet there are far more people who kill animals for 'fun' than Nazis on the planet......

Your previous reply is a great example of a knee jerk based on preconceptions. Actually think of the underlying principles and points and differences. I'm not justifying DS or Nazis at all. I'm just saying there are plenty of other things that are very similar, but we accept as just being 'normal'.

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