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With, 150m from the exchange would get you around 300 Mbps. I've had 40Mb down for around a decade, and I'm on almost a kilometer of copper from the cabinet where it turns into fiber, thanks to VDSL2. Your telco is apparently using a very old flavor of DSL if you couldn't get more than 22.8 at 150 meters!

Oh, and I first had DSL in 1996 - my telco wasn't offering it yet but I read about DSL in some IT related magazine, asked my friend who owned an ISP about it, and he started getting in some equipment for testing and ordering dry pairs (alarm circuits) to utilize it without the telco's knowledge or help. I had 8M/1M DSL from 1997 until the mid 2000s for free as a result, until he sold his ISP.

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