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"I presume you don't mean it as a criticism because he's Russian, after all! :)"

This is the standard diversion tactic you are using again and again. Conflating dislike of Putin, cronies and his corrupt regime with anti-Russian sentiment. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's like calling someone who was critical of Mao anti-Chinese, anti-Han or sino-phobic. The interests of a dictator and those of his subjects rarely coincide. There are plenty of Russians and ex-soviets I admire. Unfortunately many of them are now dead for various reasons.

In the spirit of 'free speech' and 'assessing all the viewpoints' why not read one or both of these:

Gary Kasparov: Winter is Coming

Bill Browder: Red Notice

(As typed in the brief interlude between work and getting kids ready for bed so sorry I don't have time for a point by point)

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