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Facebook are saying that the ads weren't overtly supporting any candidate.

So I'd imagine the campaign (if it exists) is a little more subtle than that. What you want to do is decrease trust in US institutions, such as government and media. Then raise the noise and chaos level, and so hope that lots of people will ignore all those horrible stories about Trump and just assume "all politicians are as bad as each other".

It's essentially a nihilistic strategy. Sow lots of chaos, hope for the best.

An ex diplomat who's blog I read (Charles Crawford) was a reasonably high-up bod in the Foreign Office, ambassador to Serbia during and after the break-up of Yugoslavia and also ambasador in Warsaw and at a more junior level in Moscow.

He quotes from the Joker Batman when talking about Putin. He claims their outlook is "chaos is fair". We may have totally fucked up the governance of our country, so that growth has stopped and the economy is going backwards, our politics and society may be fucked and our military falling behind due to lack of cash. But how dare you think you're better than us? If we can fuck the world up a bit more then that chaos may level the playing field towards us a bit - and even if it makes things worse - who cares. At least they're worse for you, as well as us.

He describes it as a completely different attitude to foreign relations / politics.

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