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But if this undermines your boss, company policy and procedure and you knew that you were likely to get sacked for it, then getting sacked is not a surprise and shouldn't be a reason to go whinging about it.

If I were a journalist and decided to go to the print room and get them to insert a story into my paper so it wouldn't get seen but the editor first, as I knew it would be censored then it doesn't put me in the right.

Similarly working for my organisation if I was to post onto our website or twitter feed, knowing that is not allowed, then even if the story was not controversial or false I would still be liable to the loss of my job.

However, this goes to a really different point - don't accept money from anyone or give money to anyone that may cause a conflict of interest at any point. This applies to politicians, news outlets, NGOs etc. If there is money involved then it automatically creates a relationship of some kind. That isn't news, or even controversial - money or power causes influence - without exception.

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