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@ Adam 52

In theory, the sponsored post made by "Angry redneck Man" will be balanced out by opposing posts from more rational people.

The issue here is a foreign entity *making sure* that select sections of facebook see, every single day, a string of memes, posts, "news articles" about key issues that will only mean they become more and more unhinged, paranoid and out of touch with what is actually happening.

Sure, you might see Angry Redneck mans posts, or you might see the more rational stuff but this means that if you're the target demographic, you're *absolutely guaranteed* to see the endless stream of purposefully misleading stuff about those terrible people who are coming for your guns/forcing non-christian things to happen or be taught, and the terrible things that fictional immigrants have been upto etc etc.

They pick specific topics, aim them at specific people and it's a constant stream. Angry redneck man ranting will only been seen by a handful, unless it goes viral.

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