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> nothing more than an article of faith

Don't be an ass. We're experiencing gradually increasing climate events in many parts of the world. BC for one has had driest weather on record, broken several temp records and suffered massive fires that have blanketed us in smoke. Irma is showing up as pretty much the strongest Caribbean storm on record.

None of this _proves_ climate change but it dovetails quite nicely with what we might expect if what so many experts are claiming was true. Unpleasantly too, these are early days, so if the experts are right, this is gonna suck. It might therefore be time to consider that perhaps all those scientists aren't merely wrong.

Now we have to take your word for it that you know better? Based on what? What, exactly, are _your_ qualifications? You're not a layman, are you?

Personally I can chip that a lake I hike to every so often had a glacier all the way down to the shore in the summer. A glacier, not just snowpack. 20 years later, that glacier never reaches it anymore.

If you're gonna naysay, fine. At least propose alternative explanations for increasing temps, don't just make claims without any backing. Is it the solar cycles this time? Something beyond your personal dislikes?

Enlighten us.

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