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Re: S3 bucket default is *private* to that account

Indeed, but that won't spoil the fun of the Luddites on here who would like to pretend that cloud is less secure than their own bit barns.

So, in olde-worlde terms, lets say you have a perimeter firewall, and you open port 22 to the world, then you have open routing behind it, then you set all your root passwords to "password", then you get hacked and your data is stolen.

Who's fault would this be:

a) The firewall vendor

b) The Data Centre operator

c) The router manufacturer


e) The idiot who configured it

Cloud doesn't stop you from doing stupid things, it gives you the tools to do smart things but you still need to manage it, its just simpler to do the routine stuff like security, but its not idiot proof.

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