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@ Doctor Syntax

"unless we crawl back to the EU to rejoin on whatever terms they choose to offer (bye by GBP)."

Something about that line bothered me and it took a moment before it hit me. Isnt that your desirable outcome? Not necessarily the leaving and crawling back, but the accepting of the EU's terms and adoption of the Euro?

I am going to generalise across what I see of remain arguments I have encountered so I understand if this doesnt fit you exactly-

Way back when people like me were called eurosceptic and before we were proved right the argument for the currency was pretty much the same as in/out of the EU that nobody would trade with us and we would be little england if we didnt. But the currency of the EU is the euro and some believe the vote in the 70's was for the EU United States of Europe federalisation etc. Which surely requires we adopt the euro.

Also the referendum was started with cameron promising huge changes (or he will campaign to leave) which he never got (he claimed victory but the EU would need a unanimous vote on the piddly changes once the result was in). And for ever closer union we would surely be required to fall in line even more to belong to a federalised superstate.

Also the EU has demonstrated it cannot be trusted to abide by agreed terms. Cameron claimed victory that our EU contribution would not be used to prop up Greece (the euro) and had such signed by the EU itself. Then our contribution was used to prop up Greece and the euro (our successful currency to prop up their collapsing one). Which would suggest the EU (pre-federalised) is more important than the members (take into account the damage the EU inflicted on Greece and other EU countries). So the stated aim of glorious union (remain) must be all for that and accepting of hard times to remain a member?

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