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Smart meters: 'Dog's breakfast' that'll only save you 'a tenner' – report

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I see a lot of blaming energy companies but I am somehow feeling sorry for them. First the energy generation in this country has been allowed to fall apart as labour opted for monuments to a sky god and solar panels instead of power generators. They compounded the problem when Blair offered to half our co2 output (instead of halve it in one area of production against advice) and of course their capitulating to the green nutters who opposed nuclear.

All of that pushes up the cost of power generation and then the power companies get the blame for political stupidity. As far as I am aware the energy companies didnt want smart meters, it was the gov for another tax funded blowout.

We can easily fix the energy production problem. We can easily fix the cost of energy problem. We have plenty of experience over a large portion of the planet to do this. But it requires honesty and political will to admit the failures and wasted money before deciding how we want to proceed.

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