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@ Doctor Syntax

"Unless we're presented with the results of the negotiation to approve or reject we've been committed to the result of a slim advisory vote"

If we are allowed to vote on the outcome we just need to be abused into retracting. The idea that we should not be allowed to leave and every obstacle should be placed before the majority result is enacted is anti-democratic. As slim the victory was it was a majority decision and to democratically change your mind later is fine, but after. After requires we brexit and get on with it for a bit.

"crawl back to the EU to rejoin on whatever terms they choose to offer (bye by GBP)."

If that is what people want after we have left and given it a shot then fine. Chances are by then we will have a clearer picture of what the EU will be- the same (sinking ship), federalised (the UK has always rejected this) or common trade area (which people seemed to like). Maybe the EU will do something else or crash out with the next recession, who knows.

"This (apart from "Your") is something on which we can agree"

Feel free to ignore mistakes like that. I am dyslexic and have no interest in the extra effort to figure out the correct adjustment of awkward character sequences.

"There should have been referenda"

I can agree on referenda but I am sure there is a lot of debate as to the correct terms. Labour did promise such but Blair lied and sold the country badly (could have been worse if Brown didnt hate him) which didnt do the pro-EU argument any favours. The severe deficit of democracy has been a big problem with our membership. Especially because the outcome was known and not what they wanted.

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