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Smart meters: 'Dog's breakfast' that'll only save you 'a tenner' – report


Does the price show the total install cost, or the difference between regular meters and smart ones?

I have a recalled (Due to risk of explosion and fire!) gas regulator fitted to my meter outside my house and they refuse to replace it stating that it will get replaced once I get my smart meter. So logically that means to me that some of the smart meter cost are also the regular meter cost with some sweetener on top.

I view it much in the same way that Solar Panels, and the way the Home Car Charge Point Subsidy was made. Every time the Subsidies were driven down, the install cost followed to match. They use regulation to install over the counter proven solutions - with HUGE markups. I think my charge point cost £150, but now that the subsidy has gone UP (Why???) the charge points are now £375 again (exact price of the subsidy!)

Smart Meters are good I think, because there are too many non-smart consumers out there. I am the only person on my street who reads and reports their own meter data, most people I know let the people who come around do it - for the rest of the time the bill is estimated. I am not sure how much a meter reader cost (14k/year, so 40-50p per house just for wages) but you could now take a reading every month so that saves over £6 per home per year, it also means switching providers "SHOULD" be a breeze.

Personally I like them, but I think that from top to bottom too many large companies are looking to fleece the gov (ultimately the people) and it just needs to stop until a reliable product at a normal price is out there.

Another thing that irks me a lot is that I cant actually download the usage from my units, only my provider can do that. So if I want to get a hourly usage chart, I would need to build my own smart meter and that would cost me nearly £35...

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