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@ledswinger. This government is not interested in climate change - the important thing is to get shit smart meters into every home quickly so they can avoid putting in smart meters that are useful to the customer. If the customer had a smart meter that actually told them the price as it changed then that would be very useful to the customer but as it they are they are double extra shit.

When I'm in the house and its sunny I can have free hot water because I know I can turn my immersion heater on and it will be powered by my PV. If I'm in the office I cant tell how much the electricity company is charging me unless I get someone to pop round and have a look in the cupboard. Ditto 2am. I dont know of any electricity companies that will fit a smart meter that can do this but if you know of one I'd be happy to move. Except I'm in the country and they cant actually run one at my house yet.

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