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> Remember MS only entered the market to ape Apple and thus effectively create a clone of the MacBook Air

That's a bit of an over-generalisation, maybe? MS have had problems for years with how to bring hardware-dependant features to their OS when laptop vendors aren't interested. So yeah, they must have envied Apple's integration of software and hardware, but MS have borrowed from Apple's methods and not just blindly copied (aped) the results.

Apple sell laptops to make money on the hardware, whilst MS mainly want to strengthen the image of Windows laptops as a whole. These days you can buy Windows laptops from a range of vendors with a excellent high resolution (and colour accurate) screens and trackpads that are actually usable! The strategy seems to be working.

There are also Surface features such as stylus input that traditionally Apple left to partners like Wacom, or else implemented in a different way (through the iPad Pro range).

Features such as a removable keyboard with a discrete GPU are very non-Apple, though macOS is beginning to play nice with external GPUs over Thunderbolt.

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