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Well there is the whole question as to just what is a Surface clone. Remember MS only entered the market to ape Apple and thus effectively create a clone of the MacBook Air that ran WIndows out-of-the-box instead of OSX/MacOS.

MS were also complaining about how few 'boutique' Windows PC's were being offered for sale. Naturally MS with it's ability to cross-subsidise PC's from other profit centres didn't have to worry about the line being profitable, hence why they could enter the boutique/luxury end of the market. The sub-£500 Surface clones were clearly a mistake, I suspect MS got their fingers burnt with these.

What is clear with obvious feature omissions, such as the lack of an LTE modem and SIM card slot, it that MS still don't understand either the mobile market or the top end portable computer market and certainly haven't learnt from the demise of the netbooks (an ultra portable PC, where reviewers got to see one's with built-in 3G, but such machines being offered for sale were almost as rare as rocking horse shit) and the success of the iPad.

What is good is that the OEM's seem to have worked out how to built systems of equal specification to the Surface and (?) make money on them. Hence I suspect that soon the MS Surface will begin to look low spec for the price...

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