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Liberal anti-corporate clap-trap mostly. Your cigar smoking corporate execs who sit around and figure out how to oppress the workers have a small problem if there is competition. And it may take a bit of time but it will show up.

I listened to a roofer here complaining that he was getting $900 a square to lay down a roof, but now the mexicans where coming in and doing it for 200, and he couldn't make any money and their quality stunk. My thinking is if someone can even lay a roof for 200 a square then you were drastically overcharging at 900. My dentist charged me 750 for a crown, and the endodontist another 1300 for a root canal. Next go around I go to MX and pay 200 for the crown and 250 for the root canal. . . With a 5 year guarantee on the crown! I hear so much BS on why it's 4 times more in the US, but I can say this. The US offices had marble counters, tile floors brass railings, and the Endodontist was only in 4 days a week, 1 paitent in the AM, one in the PM. I spent 2 hours with my mouth wedged open in the US getting a root canal. as the PM patient. In MX it was 30 - 45 minutes for the root canal (much better even if less gentle). Dental staff was in there 6 days a week, a bit assembly line-ish, but it took 2 days back to back start to finish. I'll tell you why things are more expensive here. The people doing the work feel entitiled and are lazy more often than not. I would rather pay $350 a square for a better quality roof job, but if your not willing to earn it, too bad for you.

Products are no different. Much of the Apple IP is dubious at best. Patenting square things is somewhat obtuse, but most companies don't jump all over new tech until it's proven to make money. At that time what we need is a way to protect true IP, and as the inventor of that IP you should have a pretty good head start on getting it out the door.

As far as not being able to sell a cable that works with an iPhone, tough luck. Some idiot bought a product that only works with the manufacturer's cable, it's on him to pay the confiscatory prices, or buy a different product. Quit whining and make something else.


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