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Actually, if you are familiar with IEC/CSA safety standards, you would understand that 100% electrical isolation from a mains power source (both hot and neutral) with several thousand volts of breakdown prevention is expected between the low-voltage side and the mains side..

Clearly, this is not your field of study.

So, the cost-conscious engineers who made this adaptor would assume the wider blade on the AC plug would always, always, always connect to the neutral bus bar inside your central breaker box and someone would never, ever install their own outlet and swap hot and neutral.

Not pursuing Apple certification, I can assume someone faked or ignored CSA safety standards, did not fully isolate the mains side from the low-voltage side, and assumed the shield and ground of your USB cable is always always always connected to neutral in the breaker box.

Except this time, it wasn't. It was swapped. And, it cost this moron his life.

Don't be that moron.

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