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Pretty sure this doesn't count as a surface alternative

I have bought :

- A Samsung Series 7 Slate to be able to develop Windows 8 apps during the beta.

- Two Surface Pros

- A Surface RT

- A Surface Pro 2

- Two Surface Pro 3s (one Core i5/256gb because I had to wait a month longer to get the i7.. then I bought the i7)

- A Surface Book

So... why did I buy these machines? They are the "Official Microsoft Development Computers" for Windows. This means, updated drivers, updated firmware, flawless debugger support (you'd be surprised how important that is), long term support... etc...

Before this, I would buy Macs, delete Mac OS X and install Windows instead.

I buy machines because the vendor invests in them for long term support. Lenevo, Dell, HP, they have dozens of models of machines at a time. You know that as soon as the machines ship, their A-team moves to the next machine and the machine you buy is supported by the B or C team.

Never buy a phone or a computer from a company that offers too many options. This is because there is no possible way they can properly support a machine they really don't care about anymore because they're really only interested in building and selling the next model.

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