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Who is going to check a list of certified vendors to buy a cable for a couple bucks? Besides, there are Chinese companies who counterfeit iPhones - you can actually buy phones that claim to be an 'iPhone', complete with the Apple logo on the it and an Apple logo on the storefront...running Android, of course! Apple shuts those down every year, but there's always another one popping up as fast as they can shut them down.

If companies are so bold as to try to sell counterfeit iPhones, do you really think they wouldn't sell dodgy cables on eBay they claim were manufactured by ReputableCompanyName?

As for the eclipse glasses, the ones I bought were supposedly one of the reputable brands. But nine days before the eclipse I received a notice from Amazon that they might be counterfeit and I should throw them away. So much for buying off the list of certified vendors!

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