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Oh, really? Depending on where I get them, official Apple cables cost between US$10 and US$15 here. Cheap cables cost between US$3 and US$10. And the cables I buy don't:

fray into uselessness

die unexpectedly

die unexpectedly and take the device with them

stop working unexpectedly

stop being able to transfer data, though working to charge a device

I have seen cheap USB-to-old-30-pin and USB-to-Lightning cables develop such faults, especially the last one, often within a few months of purchase. (My personal record for a cable showing a fault is 57 days from first use. Seriously, it didn't last even two months. Yes, it only cost $3, but when I can get a Real Apple Cable for $10 and it lasts two years and still works, no end in sight...) Official Apple cables tend to last much longer. It is more economic, around here at least, to buy an official Apple cable which will last years than to buy multiple cheap cables which last months each. I currently have the original, shipped in the box, cables for the iDevices I've most recently purchased, plus the original, shipped in the box, for iDevices I no longer own, plus a few cables I've bought separate. I have the original Apple chargers plugged into wall sockets and original Apple cables plugged into them, for charge iDevices at home, plus car chargers with original Apple cables and 3rd-party chargers with original Apple cables for use in the car or the office. I used to have 3rd-party cables, before I did the math and saw how much I was spending on them. YMMV.

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