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> How is it possible that us humans can somehow allow a single person be directly responsible for death of millions of people? It is so easy to stop a person. Why didn't somebody, anybody just take out someone like Genghis Khan? He was responsible for killing uncountable millions of people.

For the specific example of Temujin, I rather expect it was because he was surrounded by an army - a literal horde - of mongols for whom he was the bee's knees.

Otherwise, think about it. When would you have "stopped" Adolf Hitler, hmmm? When he was still just some guy ranting his head off after being thrown in the clink for his ridiculous attempt to overthrow the government in an overgrown pub?

Kind of an overreaction, don't you think? Looking at that buffon and thinking "This man is going to start WWII, I'd better get myself put in the same prison he's in so I can shank him and spend the rest of my life in jail/be executed on a murder rap, because That Guy is gonna start the shit."

When he was a rising-star politician who was energizing vast and disenfranchised swathes of the base, and "taking him out" would definitely launch a massive wave of reprisals from him angry supporters, risking destabilizing everything? Better to just the ordinary mechanisms of politics take care of him, he'll fuck-up royal and they'll abandon him shortly, etc.

Hindsight is 20/20, innit? As you're watching things go by, not so much - especially since, no matter how much YOU want him gone, you'd rather keep on living your life, and so would rather just wait because any day now, someone else who values the country more than their personal liberty and reputation will "take him out" for you.

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