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This advice mirrors that I got from a GW drone when I called Glen Burnie to have another 200 Praetorian Guard cast up (there was a rumour in the commuunity some years ago that it was while casting one of my special orders that certain PG moulds were ruined, but I don't believe it).

The GWD said they didn't do special orders any more. I was so taken aback by the news I was momentarily rendered stupid and I asked what was I supposed to do now. The GWD said "use eBay".

The irony here is that for two decades and more, GW's official line was that all eBay sales were illegal recasts*.

I told him that I was quite capable of manufacturing my own moulds and casting my own GW-revenue-free minis now I had official GW permission to do so and hung up.

So "Always use anti-virus software except when you shouldn't" is the new Microsoft Law of Safe Downloading I guess.

* I was once lucky enough to be lectured on the subject by a foetus in a GW shirt while attending a Grand Tournament in Baltimore, who supercilliously announced that you could tell counterfeits by the cast-in backpacks. "All official GW marine minis have separate backpacks" he proclaimed. I told him that before he said such things again he should check the catalog archives because GW had quite a few offerings from the time he was just a glint in the milkman's eye that contravened his Law of Minis, and collectors might take a dim view of his implied accusations of forgery and the subsequent devaluing of their collections.

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