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Yes WinNar works, but that's like saying a Yugo "works" for towing a freight train uphill in the snow with a headwind.

WinNar is the absolute *worst* SRE that tries to claim it's a professional grade product. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Crappy UI, keyboard shortcuts that don't always work, keyboard shortcuts that get reused for other commands (as in the same shortcut is listed for multiple functions), refusal of the SRE to do it's damned job & actually read the screen... The *only* reason to use WinNar is because you need a basic one in place so you can get to the net & download something, *ANYTHING* better.

In the same way folks here have commented that the only reason to use IE is to go download something better, WinNar is only there so you can get something else.

Me, bitter? Only because it took months of smashing my head into a virtual brick wall trying to figure out what "I" was doing wrong when WinNar wouldn't do what the manual said it should. Turns out it wasn't me, I was doing it right, it was just that WinNar is such a broken mess that it's a wonder the documentation applies at all.

And people wonder why I hate MS so much?

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