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"fa uses SVG by default when supported in browser - that's actually why it's named awesome...."

No, its named awesome because one or more of the designers or their manager scored 10 on the BS Hubris scale and didn't realise that calling a bloody font "awesome" is A) setting yourself up for a fall when it turns out to be just another yawn inducing design for letters and numbers, not a cure for cancer, and B) Sounds fucking stupid.

But I suppose they're americam where awesome is now such an overused word now due to the childish arms race in hyperbole they have over there, that its virtually meaningless.

"Have an awesome day!"

Excuse me? Am I getting a seat on the first trip to Mars today or winning 100 million on the lottery and no one told me or something, or are you just some plastic smile phoney who's full of it? Hmm, let me think...

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