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Well, fonts and fonts. Using a font for icons (especially not even on your own server) is stupid. If it's for an Icon, then use png and/or SVG. A font used for icons has no fall back. It's a stupid idea copying "Wingdings" on Windows which were convenient but stupid (emailed or LAN doc to someone else without the font. When it's a text font missing, you do usually get text. Unless it's Chinese etc and you have NO Chinese fonts but then you if you can read Chinese, you'd have some Chinese fonts.).

There are good web designs, and also rubbish ones with big animated images, gazillions of images/icons done by fonts, dark grey text on black or light grey on white, fixed layout (either to suit small phone or giant screen), totally flat with no hint as to links or menus etc. Or different versions for different clients (you can do ONE site that works on ANY size screen, the original reason that text flows and isn't like PDF. Imitating multiple sizes of PDF isn't smart. Or changing content according to OS detected (maybe I want to download MacOS or Windows program on my Android or Linux mint client).

Putting an embedded "Google Maps" but no address or phone number for a web site for a "Bricks & Mortar" only business. Or Contact us via Twitter/Facebook (A bot and spammer unfriendly contact page is trivial), even on big companies.

Most web sites seem to be badly designed.

Yes, MS approach to this is idiotic. It doesn't mean many web designers aren't clueless.

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