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See, the thing is, I agree with you. I'm more concerned about the human cost than the economic one, primarily because I know that if Trump and the Republithugs get their way, I will be the one paying the bill should I become sick or get injured somehow. Also now that the first digit in my age is a 3 and not a 2 or a 1 (oh god, I got OLD, when did THAT HAPPEN?!) and yet I'm still the most able-bodied young adult in my family (which is a massive switch from three years ago when I was a morbidly superobese hamplanet,) I'm having to take on more and more of the doing-stuff-for-the-elders routine that was the subject of my earlier post.

The reason people are making economic arguments is that those upon whom the human cost argument will work are already won. It's those who would, if they could, edit the starving, destitute and ill out of their experience of the world rather than lift a finger to help them, who are the targets of the economic arguments.

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