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I have an easier solution.

Since I'm totally blind & can't see those bits anyway, I've used the Accessibility menu of IE11 to Disable the Fonts & Colours so that it ignores the ones on a web page for the System's own. It doesn't matter what fancy font, horrid colours, font size, or whatever stupidity you've pulled in your rendering, my computer ignores it all & simply sticks with the default System ones. I can't see them in either case, so no matter that it doesn't download your dodgy font & execute your trojan code.

Second, I've Disabled the downloading of images since I can't see them anyway. No waiting for some half-a-Gigabyte BMP file background, a couple zillion single pixel web beacons, or tracking elements in the image URL to finish scraping my traffic for the fact that I've seen the picture, because the image never loads, I don't see it, & I don't waste the bandwidth on them at all.

Yes I still use IE11 with my copy of W7Pro64, but that's because my Screen Reader Environment (SRE) works under it. And because it works I'll stick with it until I can get my replacement machine fully configured to talk to me.^1. I don't dare "upgrade" to W10 because my SRE says it's not compatible with various parts of the new OS. Edge, the built in mail client, most of the store apps, all get flagged as incompatible & unAccessible to the SRE. The fix is to either use IE11 under W10 or try to get FF to work instead. Every time I try to use FF it causes the SRE to shit itself in one way or another, driving me to munch on headache pills like they were candy. =-( So even if I *did* move to W10 (not gonna happen) I'd still be stuck on IE11.

^1: I've got my new computer from System 76 on the desk beside my W7 machine. I keep switching back & forth as I try to learn the ins & outs of the Linux SRE. When I hit a snag (and there's been LOTS of them) I switch over to the Windows machine to Google for the answer on how to fix it, get the keyboard shortcuts I need to complete the task, or otherwise figure out WTF is happening. The Orca SRE is good as far as it goes, but there are still plenty of potholes that I fall into that I *need* the Windows system in order to get the solutions I need to Get Shit Done. It's incredibly difficult to find answers to a Linux issue on a Linux machine if the SRE can't parse the MAN pages to let you RTFM. *Sigh*

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