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> Is there a suggested reading order?

I really would start with the first two with the proviso that if you don't enjoy them all that much you don't stop at that point.

There are one or two characters an concepts introduced for the first time (they do get introduced again) but the main reason is to see how much he improved.

He started well but I don't think he would be remembered anything like as fondly if he'd just pumped out a few dozen more of those books (which I am sure is what publishers would have been happy with).

It would be really interesting to know how you get on with TP as a non native speaker - I doubt there will be any problem understanding the words but it is possible that quite a lot of the meaning will be harder to grasp (and not just because there are some cultural references that may not be universal).

He's the polar opposite of Stephen Donaldson who is also a hilarious fantasy writer but much less deliberately so.

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