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Don't buy a Samsung TV

Having always brought Sony in the past, last Christmas I decided to go for a nice new Samsung Smart TV, a decent model too not the cheap rubbish sets they churn out for Black Friday sales etc.

Worst technology purchase of my life.

In terms of picture quality it's great, but the design of the UI and general stability of the software is appalling. It's always hanging, popping up useless messages with no option of "don't tell me again" or crashing apps. I can't say I've noticed this recent update make it any worse it's always been sluggish and unreliable.

Never again, next refresh I'm back to Sony. Probably my last ever Samsung purchase. I have had Samsung phones in the past and also have a microwave and washer/dryer. All of their devices have the same issue. Technically very good but let down by a poor user experience (ultimately bad software).

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