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Mazda and Toyota join forces on Linux-based connected car platform

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True story:

Went to a Ford dealership to buy a new car.

Asked the for base model, no extras, no I don't want that, no, just the base model, honestly, just the base model, is that the base model, no, just the base model, etc.

Got shown to a car, after much upselling.

Touchscreen in-car entertainment, climate, bluetooth phone connection with Internet / emergency message alert if the airbag goes off, text message reader, voice recognition, satnav, etc. etc. etc. electronic parking brake, electronic dashboard, electronic tyre pressure sensor, electronic side-mirrors (auto-fold, etc.), electronic cruise control, etc. etc. etc. TWENTY ONE BUTTONS on the steering wheel to navigate two different screens (entertainment/dashboard HUD).

"No, I said the base model."

"Sir," said the salesman dryly, "this IS the base model".

I'm afraid that other manufacturer's were no different. £50 on a tablet/satnav built into the console is lost in the noise and apparently what people want. Didn't come with a fecking spare tyre, though.

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