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Used to?

Does that mean car radios are not in new cars at all anymore?

I wouldn't buy a car without the ability to upgrade that as I see fit, and by "upgrade" I mean removing the old one and sliding in the new one. Tactile buttons can be operated by feel without looking away from the road; touchscreens, not so much. Keep them out of the car if you want me to consider it.

The more I hear about new cars, the more I realize I'll never buy a new one again. I... don't want any of this crap they're putting in there. I don't want a car that's connected, that has any kind of communication ability with anything anywhere. Don't like OBD II. Don't like new laptops, don't like smartphones, don't like smart TVs (or anything else "smart" or IoT), don't like Windows 10... it's like the entire tech world decided to put out only crap from now on.

Grumble... to hell with the 2000s, I'm going back to the 1990s...

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