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You really have a libtard bug up your backside.

What policy are you citing where 100% of the foreign travelers will be adversely affected?

That's right. There are 0 rules that impact all travelers which will adversely affect 100% of the visitors to the US.

Those 15% concerned should be the concern for the rest of us on the internet. It means that they have more in common with 'chicken little' than they do with the rest of us who use the internet.

Now lets face the reality.

Montreal is a much nicer place than San Francisco where there a band of black wearing fascists running around accusing anyone who doesn't look like them or agree with them of being a nazi. I kid you not. Some bloke who's v-blogger was attacked because he was wearing a blue polo shirt.

In Montreal, you have the French Ballet which is a much more enjoyable diversion for all.

IMHO that's probably the real reason.

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