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Kill animals and destroy property before hurting humans, Germany tells future self-driving cars


This whole issue is a shiny bauble to distract you from the true intent of the 'ruling class'. First they establish a date when all internal combustion engines will be banned. EVs are to be the future. But there are no plans to roll out charging stations, or to upgrade the electric grid to provide the power necessary to charge all our vehicles. Why not? Because neither will be needed. They will raise the price of power (tiered based on usage) such that you simple can't afford to heat your home AND charge a car. Now, onlt the very affluent can afford vehicles. They can install their own charging systems, and the grid could handle the small increase of electrical requirements.

I suspect they are already salivating over the money they can save not doing new road construction, less road repair, less traffic police needed, fewer accidents, etc., and as a bonus, they will never be stuck in traffic again. You? You will be on bicycles, buses, trains, subways, or walking.

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