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As far as I know there's no precedent yet set in court.

I wish someone would sue Sammie (and others) to get a precedent set, however all the manufacturers would cr*p themselves and likely offer almost any settlement if you were willing to hold on till the morning of the actual court case.

A friend sued sammie a few years back over the way they turned the P6800 Tablet into abandoneware when he'd spent almost two grand (this was in the very early days of a decent Android tab) buying one for himelf, his wife and eldest son.

He sued for the full amount, time costs, an independent engineer report and eight percent interest, I think the complete total came to about £3500.

Sammies lawyers made various offers and filed silly defences, however he just hung on in there and wouldn't settle. When eventually, after about 20 months (sammie had got numerous adjournments), it was due to be heard in court he arrived with his files and paperwork and the lawyers made an offer for the full amount plus costs on the steps of the court so the action would be withdrawn and not no precedent.

Big firms keep lawyers on retainer just to grind people down.

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