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"Maybe I'm a hopeless idealist optimist. I don't know. I just feel like every individual human is okay, so the sum of them all will be too, when there's nothing to fight over."

I agree, you are a hopeless idealist optimist. As long as there are humans, there will be something to fight over. Sans a battle over resources, it will be a battle over whose deity is the one true deity or "were you looking at MY girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband? Huh?" or somebody feels dey ben "dissed".

The current issues in the middle east stem from oil. They got a lot of it and the entire world wants it (and wants to deny it to somebody they don't like). So what do the politicians do? The pose, posture and send in the jet fighters and tanks. What they should be doing is sponsoring research in their own countries to find ways to stop needing so much of the black stuff. Just the cost of one F-35 fighter would sponsor a very nice lab for several years. Reapply the cost of a squadron and a likelihood turns into a near certainty of finding many ways of economically reducing the reliance on crude. The big upside is that sending less money into the current oil producing dictatorships/kingdoms may lead to those countries being less of a problem.

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