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"Even with school kids, we can teach kids today, with the skills that are relevant today, what we can't anticipate is how the world will change in the next 5-10 years before they leave school, and how relevant those skills will be then."

Math!, language skills, reasoning, logic, library skills (how to find information), basic finance, home economics (if you can do basic cooking, you can feed yourself cheaply).

Yes, there is no way to train anybody in a detailed way for a job that won't be defined for another 5 years, but if you are taught how to learn, you can adapt. I don't need to go back to school every year for science and engineering. I have learned (really learned) the basics and good engineering practices that mean I can teach myself new things starting from first principles if I have to. The verification of the Higgs Boson was easy to comprehend since I read lots of physics. If Dark Energy is figured out in my lifetime, I'll likely be able to understand the math. Not because I was trained specifically in Dark Energy, but because I learned higher level maths in general.

You can build things not yet invented if you have a good box of tools. Both literally and figuratively. I like to think I have both. (Although my welder is likely toast at this juncture).

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