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"A cleaning robot is going to be expensive and will miss spots, requiring a human to followup, all for fuck-all money. Notice that McDs automated the easy part of the job (front of house), but isn't putting robots on burger flipping duty and is unlikely to for a long way to come - employees not cooking are cleaning. Robots don't clean themselves …."

Somewhere on my computer I have a photo of a burger making machine. It's needs humans to load up the ingredients, but flame grills the meat and applies the required accessories. If you input your order for your burger to come without pickles (damnit), it will not put them on unlike the human that recently discovered the joys of legalized pot and now has the attention span of a cocker spaniel.

I can envision this apparatus as being on wheels and periodically allowed to cool down before it is rolled through a high pressure/temp wash system specifically made for it while unit number 2 takes over burger making duties.

McDs in the USA have an automated drinks dispenser for the drive thru window. Customers provide the labor in the dining room.

Read "A Stainless Steel Rat is Born" by Harry Harrison for a description of the ultimate in automated fast food.

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