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It's in there because it is purely for the convenience of motorists - as is much of that document. The UK is a pretty heavily car biased society (not quite as bad as the USA yet, but we're getting there).

Have you checked out Rule 126:

Drive at a speed that will allow you to stop well within the distance you can see to be clear.

That's not - can't see that there is an obstruction - it's *can* see that there *isn't*.

Around most towns and cities, and most major roads there is sufficient street lighting to make people visible whatever they are wearing. On minor roads the addition of your own headlights, and the fact that the pedestrian would be walking in such a way as to see you coming, change things a bit - but you should still be able to see a pedestrian from quite a distance.

The issue is almost never one of visibility - it's one of attention but the person with the lethal weapon.

My observation of the behaviour of a significant minority of motorists is that they treat the speed limit as a minimum speed, with anywhere up to ten miles and hour above being considered 'reasonable'. If they come across anyone doing even 'only' the speed limit they will overtake whether or not they can see far enough to complete the manoeuvre safely. They will ignore the double white lines on the road in order to do so...

In the context of people who simply don't look down a road when they take actions behind the wheel of a car it is pure victim blaming to suggest that 'they weren't wearing stuff' when the reality is that (many) motorists just don't look - or rather that they look, but only for other motor vehicles, not for clear tarmac.

The attention video is well worth a watch...

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