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My exact thought.

An accident on the main street where our cul-de-sac leads comes to mind. I saw it with my own eyes around 10 years ago. Two teenage tw*ts were so engrossed in the conversation with each other that they pulled out less than 5 meters in front of a brand new E-class Merc. They were in a late 80-es (J reg I think) vintage Ford Fiasco rusty banger so if the Merc would have tried to brake it would have hit the driver door straight on. That would have been the end of at least the driver if not both of tw*ts, despite the Merc keeping to the posted 30 mph speed limit. The Merc driver threw the Merc onto the sidewalk where it ended up smashed onto a lamppost. The two idiotic tw*ts ignored him and continued to drive off (someone stopped them a mile down). The Merc driver got out visibly shaken, but without a single scratch.

Would a computer make the same life (or possibly death) decision facing the same situation? I doubt it. It will most likely attempt breaking and kill a person as a result.

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