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"When I see bicycle riders and pedestrians crossing in all black clothes at night in the rain"

Can I just point out the irony... "When I *see*". People in suits aren't instantly invisible, I don't lose my feet because I've put black socks on...

There is no requirement in law (or sense) for a pedestrian (or a fallen tree, or a concrete block, a landslide or a cow) to be wearing something which you might consider a convenience to you. The requirement for cyclists is that the vehicle (not the rider) shall have a red reflector to the rear, as well as a legally compliant light. Note that these can be as dim as 4 candela, and flashing, 50% cycle, at 2-4Hz. Pedal reflectors are *sometimes* mandatory (older bikes are exempt).

Although as you have already pointed out - you can see these people dressed in black, so what's the problem... The problem is that you don't want to drive in such a manner that you can stop in the distance you can see to be clear...

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