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"The answer? Get people off the roads."

Over my dead body.... Oh, wait a minute, bad choice of words there... :-)

But more seriously, "Get the people off the roads" is a terrible thing to do. I was horrified when visiting the US that when after following instructions to drive to a restaurant (from a rented apartment) I realised that allowing for mucking around in car parks, I could have got there just as quickly had the person giving the instructions told me to walk rather than drive, but, it being my first day there, I *assumed* the locals knew best.

For self driving cars, we need a mandatory "black box" accident recording system, which is independently engineered from the car manufacturer but which records sensor data, control inputs and all around 360 degree video. *Then* we can use that to help identify whether a cyclist, pedestrian, or someone driving an old fashioned manually driven car is at fault for doing something dangerous / suicidal, or whether there is a problem with the sensors or underlying software of a self driving vehicle. In the former case, one could easily argue that being hit by a fast moving vehicle is more than enough punishment.

In the case of a software fault being identified in a self driving car, it might mean a few million people having to drive themselves to work until a patch is agreed with the regulators...

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