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Kill animals and destroy property before hurting humans, Germany tells future self-driving cars


"If an accident is unavoidable, the self-driving ride must not make any choices over who to save – it can't wipe out an elderly person to save a kid, for instance. No decisions should be made on age, sex, race, disabilities, and so on; all human lives matter."

Great! Now what about amounts? Does 2 adults trump a child? Does say the POTUS or the Queen trump a us ordinary folk? What about the car driving itself off of a cliff to avoid a crash with a pedestrain, is that OK as there is a chance the occupants might survive if there are lots of airbags? What about it there is a horse and rider? Will the car plough into the horse, kill the animal and hope the rider lands on a soft crumple zone?

"Ultimately, drivers will still bear responsibility if their autonomous charabanc crashes, unless it was caused by a system failure, in which case the manufacturer is on the hook."

Sorry? Am I responsible if I am a passenger on the underground? I'm pretty sure I'm not. If it is an autonomous vehicle then I have zero control and should not be held responsible if there is an accident. If the car is driving itself then by definition I am not the driver.

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