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Consumer Choice will hurt consumers and small business

Allowing consumers to choose between various carriers, including smaller local ISPs, will surely only hurt consumers and smaller, local ISPs.

Only large companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon understand how truly difficult it is to run an ISP, and local, smaller ISPs just haven't realized that yet.

As such, if a consumer is given a choice, and chooses wronga small local ISP, that ISP will now struggle to provide service. The small ISP does not have the FCC chairman in their pocketbusiness know-how nor the monopolistic advantagecustomer base to bend content providers to their willnegotiate beneficial financial arrangements.

As such, the smallers ISPs will only end up going out of business in the end, and then their customers will be hurt because they won't have any internet service.

Seriously though, my old apartment locked us in with "Suite Solutions", which basically just resold Dish Network and AT&T at not broadband speeds(10d/1u). Although I'm sure they'd reclassify it as broadband with the FCC's new regulations. I asked if I could use my own modem and they said no, forced me to rent one, and then, guess what, the f*cking tech shows up with the EXACT SAME model I already owned.

It was so bad, I was actually HAPPY when the complex switched to Xfinity.

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