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I read the news last night but not received an email unless its gone to SPAM.

I run Crashplan on 3 machines, 2 Windows machines and an Ubuntu Server which I had to use the "unsupported" documented method on the Crashplan site to setup, it was a nightmare. I have stored about 500GB which took a long time with the connection I had when I initially signed up. I'm guessing I have 60 days not over a year before I lose my backups.

I have spent the last day looking at options and in my opinion Backblaze B2 using Duplicacy maybe my best option. B2 is different to the $5 a month option and more like S3/Glacier. Using Duplicacy to dedupe, compress and encrypt it. They have Mac and windows clients and a cross platform CLI version which is free for personal use. So anyone with Linux computers especially headless, this could be a good option.

One of the many things that appeals to me though is that you copy a backup between backends so if Backblaze decided to cut the option I use or I didn't like them, I could transfer the backups to another backend S3/Google Drive/etc...

Highlight of this option for me:

Linux & Windows CLI version (Mac too)



copy to different backend storage providers

Similar price to Crashplan for the amount I store

No retention limit like regular Backblaze


More involved to setup (easier than my current headless Ubuntu setup though)

Not the best best documentation, example scripts would be good.

To be clear though I have not tested this yet, its just the conclusions I have come to and will be testing over the next couple of weeks before settling on this or something else. Just wanted to highlight that you can use a Backblaze service to backup for than 30 day retention and from a Linux machine just not with their $5 option.

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