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But Iain M Banks was not one of them.

Read The Hydrogen Sonata closely and you'll understand that it contains a metaphor for Banks's own view of SF. The "almost unplayable piece of music" for an "almost unplayable instrument" was written not as a challenging, intellectual piece of almost pure cerebration but as a biting satire on certain types of music and in no way represented the composer's musical tastes. One can view Banks's SF in the same vein.

That's the problem with postmodern literature. You can read any damned thing into it that you want, but the actual truth is that the author is too far up his own arse. I mean it not as a compliment but as an insult to both Banks and the Booker Prize to say that Banks richly deserved a Booker prize.

Yeah, I know, I'm going to get a gazillion downvotes on this.

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