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I think this is so true.

I remember the PC thing from the beginning. We bought them because there was something only they could do, and we bought faster and bigger ones as they became available because there was something only they could do,.

I haven't seen a new killer app on a PC since Netscape really. Maybe Minecraft .

PCs are now like cars. They do what they do, they are all much of a muchness, and when yours wears out you get a new one.

Frankly any 64 bit CPU with 4GB of RAM could run this desktop faster than I can keep up with it.

And frankly the apps of 5 years ago are probably good enough too.

I am increasingly dismayed by upgrades that result in slower performance, and creeping featurism that I do not want but cannot turn off.

It is a mature market.

Even the software is mature

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