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Re: @AC Here's the reality... its a scam in favor of Facebook.


No shit.

You lose the right to use the patented code.

If I revoke your rights to use the patented code, then I have the right to sue you for patent infringement.

If you want to make it simple. Suppose you're a startup. You use Apache code that has the js code in it.

You then sue FB because they stole your billion dollar idea that you just won a patent on.

They will then sue you for patent infringment on their code because they revoked the patent.

Even if you don't modify the code or enhance it. Just the use of it is enough.

You will be sued.

Note: They could actually sue the end user in my example above and while its a stretch, it would be a legal tactic that FB would have no problem doing just that.

We both agree that this action taken by FB is not good.

You have to appreciate the subtlety of this because while they claim its against patent trolls, its really against everyone who may in the future find the need to sue them.

In addition, any code donated that isn't donated under APL should be rejected outright because of the clauses in the submission process. If you included FB's code that was released under BSD+Patent, you would be on the hook since you are indemnifying Apache.

BTW, you said hypothetical risk.

Its not that 'hypothetical'. FB has been sued over the appropriation of tech.

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