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@AC ... Re: Here's the reality... its a scam in favor of Facebook.

Here's a better example to show you the dangers...

Suppose Google did this, and had a patent on their Google Web Page Analytics.

You know that little java script that every major web site has embedded which feeds back to google your web page's data.

Now suppose they had a patented license in place where they granted you free use unless you sue them over patent infringement where you then lose the rights to their patented code/process.

Now you sue google. They send a nasty lawyer-gram telling you to stop using their google analytics js code.

You have no choice but to edit all of your web pages and to not use Google's javascript.

What this means is that while you're suing them, they have effectively dropped you lower in terms of page rankings because you're not running their code on your web site.

Now while this is hypothetical, its a good example of what could happen. You may win your lawsuit, however you've lost the right to use their javascript (js) and thus you've hurt yourself in terms of e-commerce and web searches.

That's the danger of it.

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