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I was fortunate enough to attend the Dieppe raid 75th anniversay memorial in Newhaven (The boats for the Dieppe raid left from Newhaven, East Sussex) a couple of weekends ago.

One of the last Canadian veterans who was on the raid in 1942 attended and insisted on getting up from his wheelchair to walk across the lawn in front of the Canadian War Memorial to place a wreath at its base. He stood back to salute his comrades, upright and smart as a Guardsman. He then turned to offer a salute to the Defence Attaches fron Canada and the USA (there were 50 US Rangers on the Dieppe raid) and the Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex before being helped back to his wheelchair by family and friends.

It was incredibly moving and even amongst the grizzled old soldiers and sailors there were many sniffles and watery eyes, and I'm not too proud to admit I was one of them.

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