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Your need to do whatever* does not make you exempt from regarding other human beings as human beings and treating them accordingly, with at least a modicum of professionalism and respect. No, you're not the centre of the Universe even though you clearly think you are. If you think you have been wronged and/or neglected you're welcome to complain, but your self-assigned importance absolves you of precisely nothing when you're plainly being an over-the-top asshole. And if you choose to be one, getting the same in return is the absolute minimum you deserve. Actually, what you deserve for that is more in line with "I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers". A single line of snark is actually a superhumanly reserved reply for any attempt to demean a fellow human being. But when you look around you clearly see servants instead of people, so feel free to carry on defending childlike histrionics and entitlement...

*You clearly identify strongly with Newt's "client"; the tone of the following, rather than being personally directed, merely accommodates that choice. Well, except the last sentence. That's squarely on you.

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